Stormbirds Podcast Episode 2: A Q&A with IL-2 Lead Producer Jason Williams

Episode 2 is live and ready for you to listen in as Jason Williams, IL-2 Lead Producer, and I do a Q&A on all things IL-2: Great Battles and even a little on Team Fusion and the Cliffs of Dover series.

Listen in!

Jason and I talked about past, present, and future of the IL-2 series. There’s a few juicy tidbits in there on plans for single and multiplayer content coming into the future for IL-2: Battle of Normandy including some upcoming campaigns – a few released just this week.

I should note that the episode was recorded almost two weeks ago so things have changed a bit like the release of 4.006.

I asked many of your questions that were sent in to me for this Q&A but I simply didn’t have a chance to ask them all. That said, I hope that may be we’ll be able to do another one of these episodes in the future.

And for those asking, I am going to put the podcasts up on other platforms as soon as I am able. It’s a learning process!



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  1. Michael Thomas Dwyer says:

    Interesting comments on the Pacific. I hope it doesn’t come to something radical, but I would certainly support a scaled down version of a typical title, say just a few aircraft, and island, a few ships. No matter what battle you pick though the limited information on Japanese aircraft is going to be thing that holds you back.

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  2. bigalrico says:

    Thank you both for your time to make this podcast!

    A lot of interesting things. In general I have to say that my hope for the Pacific is dwindling.Even if it is Jason’s wish, some aspects sound very very negative. Even with the success of Bobp, it sounds like they’re afraid they don’t have enough money. Regardless of the situation with the source material itself, which is extremely poor.
    No sim will do everything perfectly and 1946 as an example certainly has its problems in terms of quality, but it has probably been the best Pacific War experience so far. And I don’t think anyone would be upset if a magazine was too much or too little available to the gunner of a Val or Kate (let alone who could check it). Also I would understand it if they would make asymmetrical sets. For example Zero, Kate, Val and one or two AI planes and for the Americans a complete set of playable planes. Even if then Kate and Val (following this example) have a few guesses.
    The only thing I personally would be deeply unhappy with would be a split in the series.Because it is the compactness between the products that makes Il-2 what makes it a huge and whole WW2 experience. One reason why I was never a big fan of CloD, since I will never fly over the dunes of Africa with my GB A3. (Or not for the next decade). In general, not much will change now that it’s Normandy’s turn. Maybe we will see at least one B-25 (hopefully also a B-26/C-47) capable of flying. It would be a shame if not!


  3. CanadaOne says:

    Good interview. Thanks for that.

    I admit to being a bit disappointed that all the responses concerning SP content referenced what other people were building for the players and did not speak to any plans for making it easier and better for players to create content themselves.

    But the QMB did just get some attention in the last update, so there’s hope for the future.


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