Another look at a mission from DCS: F/A-18C campaign Raven One

In a video posted yesterday, Ralfi’s Alley, a popular YouTube channel featuring mostly DCS World content, posted a part cinematic part gameplay video showing off another mission from the Raven One campaign coming to DCS World for the DCS: F/A-18C and DCS: Persian Gulf map.

A tense mission

Caught behind enemy lines, this mission shows off how the F/A-18C in this DCS World scenario can be used to directly support troops on the ground. Helping clear a path for a small team and enabling them to exfil from an island is the whole point of the mission and it puts the F/A-18C’s multi-role capabilities to the test.

Have a look at Ralfi’s Alley and another campaign mission for Raven One.

This video follows on the heels of another one released almost two weeks ago by Red Kite showing off another mission. This is clearly a slow building up of hype for the campaign by Baltic Dragon, one of the best known mission makers for DCS World, and likely a signature moment for the Hornet, Persian Gulf, and Supercarrier modules for DCS World. Release is expected in July.


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