Win DCS: Syria at the DCS World Capture The Flag World Cup

If you’re looking for a fun challenge and a way to win a copy of the upcoming DCS: Syria map, check out the new DCS World Capture The Flag World Cup event being organized by Spudknocker through his YouTube channel. Here are the details!

Teams of 8 compete to win in a unique CTF scenario

You might be wondering, how does a capture the flag event work with fighter jets. Well it looks like Spudknocker and his group have come up with a unique event. Fly low over the enemy base, “capture the flag” and then return it to your own base without being shot down. It looks like fun and it sounds like an incredible challenge.

To enter, you’ll need to bring together a team of 8 DCS World pilots to fly with you, you’ll be armed with a standardized loadout, and if you win then your entire team wins a copy of DCS: Syria.

Check out the video to learn more!

The rules!

In-case you’re wondering what the rules are, here they are as posted by Spudknocker.

  • Rounds Last 30 Minutes,
  • Teams Play Best of 3 Rounds Aircraft Spawn w/ 4x Fox-2’s, & 2x External Fuel Tanks, Full Gun ammo, Full Fuel
  • F/A-18C’s Spawn with 2x Fox-2’s, & 2x Fox-1’s Due to Hornet’s Reduced Speed Missiles are AIM-9L or Equivalent (AIM-7F for F/A-18C’s)
  • Waypoint 1 = Homeplate
  • Waypoint 2 = Enemy Base DO NOT Fly too far from Battlespace, you will receive a warning message, and then you will explode if you continue on current heading
  • To Steal a Flag: Fly Under 1000Ft AGL over enemy Base.
  • To Capture a Flag: Fly Under 1000Ft AGL over Home Base
  • Unlimited Spawns – Respawn Whenever you Want
  • If Holding a Flag Do not Fly lower than 600 Ft AGL or Smoke Trail will Cut off,
  • This is a DCS Bug, and is considered Cheating Scoring and Rules Upheld by Honor Method,
  • Reports of Cheating is Grounds for Disqualification
  • After Sign Up Period, teams will be sorted into Brackets, Teams are responsible for coordinating and playing Matches in a timely Manner
  • Results of Matches will be Reported by Team Captains in the brackets-results channel on the Spuds Buds Discord Server

If it sounds like something you want to do, check it out on the Sign-up Sheet.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. CanadaOne says:


    I wonder if the Syria map will come out after the present sale is over?


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      This contest does make it sound sooner than we’re expecting, however, I don’t know. I think it’s close now but it may be still a few months away… I would say August at the earliest as a guess.


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