Planned improvements to Desert Wings – TOBRUK from Team Fusion

A recent post by Buzzsaw, a member of Team Fusion Simulations, on the IL-2 Sturmovik – Cliffs of Dover Blitz + Desert Wings forum indicates the direction that the team wants to take their recently released sim. Features such as VR and enhanced weather modeling are part of their planned efforts. Let’s have a look at what they are.

Future enhancements

The subject of future updates and enhancements to any sim is almost an expectation these days and Team Fusion Simulations has plans for their sim – I assume with the provision that it continues to sell and sell well enough to continue. Still, it is good to have both a plan and ambitious steps to take as that can help set the tone for what’s to come and here I think Team Fusion is focusing in on some key areas.

First, VR, it’s the thing I hear about constantly on this sim and how it currently doesn’t have it. Well it’s on the list and here’s what they had to say.

This is a larger project, and will take a great deal of work and development.  At earliest, it will be added in early 2021… and it is more than likely it will be some time into the new year. We have previously done some preliminary work which indicated VR was something which the game could be adapted to use, but this test was very much an Alpha and will require substantial development. We know this is a priority for many in the community and realize the future for gaming will likely see the number of VR users increase.

Buzzsaw/Team Fusion on the IL-2 forums

We know from the implementation of VR into the Great Battles Series that doing it well means good performance but also things like accessible menus and UI elements. Getting that all to work is no small task and so I wish luck to the Team Fusion Simulations team and my hopes are with the folks who really want to fly this sim in VR.

Weather is also an area where the sim could use some improvements. The clouds are fine but the technology underlying them is fairly simplistic and so any improvement to weather that can do things like add more types of clouds, layers, effects, turbulence and more would be welcome. The team is working with trueSky technology to enhance the sim and I’m excited to see what that will bring to the project. Check out this promo video to see what it can do.

Here are some other key updates:

  • Improved ground scenery with more details at medium altitudes, improved terrain textures, new types of desert grasses and bushes, and possibly more rock formations
  • Creation of a dynamic campaign generator
  • An update to the existing SpeedTree tree and vegetation generator if financially feasible
  • Air/Land/Sea system allowing players to command these units
  • Improved system allowing players to spawn in AAA positions

You can read about these and everything else that the team is planning to do in the short, medium and long term for the sim here.

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