FlightSimExpo will be back for 2021

The organizers of FlightSimExpo announced yesterday that the expo would be coming back for 2021 after it was all but cancelled among a spate of cancellations in the early part of this year. Here’s what they are planning and how it might go!

In person and online

FlightSimExpo 2021 is taking off June 4th to June 6th with a mix of options from in-person events planned for the Town and Country Resort in San Diego, California to online events. In a press release, the organizers stated that several options were on the table for the 2021 event including the following options:

  • This will be a hybrid event: you can participate remotely, in-person, or both. For the first time, developers who don’t have the means to travel to San Diego will be able to participate in our virtual exhibit hall!
  • The dates and location were defined by our Location Focus Group, comprised of exhibitors, sponsors, and media partners. You’ll have the option to be added to the group during registration for FlightSimExpo 2021.
  • We’ll be doing sponsor and exhibitor registration later than usual due to the uncertainty around global travel. We look forward to reaching out in early 2021 to discuss the ways you can get involved with the event.
  • We’re planning to provide maximum flexibility and complete transparency. You’ll be able to “opt out” of the in-person component of the event at any time. We’ll share attendee registration information any time you’d like it.
  • We’re prepared to adapt. If we can run an Orlando-style 2,000-person event with a massive exhibit hall, we will! If all we can do is run seminars while attendees are physically distanced, we’ll do that too. There will be a FlightSimExpo 2021, even if it has to be entirely online.

More information will be released in early 2021 so for now this is more of a “save the date” kind of announcement.

The hybrid approach

FlightSimExpo is doing what a lot of conferences, expos, and events are doing for their 2021 planning and that means doing just about everything and planning to have to change plans on the fly. With many borders still closed and new measures being put in place in many spots in the world it remains to be seen what things will look like in 8-10 months.

If FlightSimExpo 2021 is an online only expo, so be it! We’ll make the most of it! And if its something we can do in person again, even better!

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