Lots of fun! First impressions of the Hurricane

I’ve had a few hours with the new Hurricane Mark II, an IL-2 Great Battles Collector Plane, and I wanted to share some of my first impressions of the aircraft in my flights to date.

Turning fight fun

It’s hard for me not to jump to the conclusion with this aircraft because the impression it made on me was almost immediate. This aircraft is fun!

The handling in the Hurricane makes it a real joy to fly around. It’s a quick turning aircraft and it combines that with one of the most stable turns of any aircraft in the sim. Limited rudder will help keep you coordinated but that’s about all you need to do. You fight with the Hurricane… it doesn’t fight you like so many other fighters do!

Virtual pilots so far have not yet adapted to fighting the aircraft either as my first few flights saw Bf109s and MC.202’s try to turn fight with the Hurricane. The mistaken impression that this aircraft is not able to hold and beat those aircraft in the turn seems to be working well to Hurricane pilots advantage at the moment.

The Hurricane can also take a hit or two. The pilot doesn’t seem particularly well protected but the aircraft itself can definitely take a few hits and keep on going. Even after several dozen machine gun rounds into it, the Hurricane can continue on although a hit to the control cables is, like any other type, typically the end of the line.

Not fast at all

Although the Hurricane is tons of fun to chuck around the sky, one thing it is already clearly not is fast. With a top speed at sea level that is beaten by the I-16 Type 24, there’s little for the Hurricane to do when it comes to running away from a fight. Virtually everything else is going to overtake it.

So that means relying on the robust nature of the aircraft and its quirk turn and ease of handling are the things that are going for it.

It can pack a punch!

My early experiences with the eight and twelve .303 machine guns is that they make a terrific noise and spray tracer all over the place but they aren’t able to back that up with any real hitting power. Bombers and larger aircraft shrug the hits off with sometimes minimal damage while fighters require repeated hits to cause any serious damage. Upgrade those for some cannons, however, and the story changes dramatically.

The Hurricane Mark II can pack a wallop with the four Hispano Mark II 20mm cannons (previewing the same armament for the Typhoon I might add) and the Russian field modified variant with two ShVAK 20mm cannons and two 12.7mm UB machine guns is essentially just as destructive. I need more testing but the 40mm Vickers S cannons are useful against lighter armored vehicles but seem to struggle with some of the sturdier tanks. They can one shot a fighter though!

More to come!

I’m writing my full review of the aircraft now and I have a few other surprises planned for next week so stay tuned!

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  1. CanadaOne says:

    I’m enjoying the plane. Good train busting action with the 40mm, but I swear I pumped 2000 rounds of .303 into an F-109 and he just kept going.

    Going to retry one of my favorite maneuvers from IL2-46; diving straight down from 12 oclock onto a He-111 and showering the cockpit with 12x 303. It’s mean, but it’s fun.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      That maneuver does work! I lit a Ju88 on fire with a diving pass. The .303s do work for sure but just not as good as the cannons. Either way, good fun flying!


  2. Chroma99 says:

    I remember the younger me completely ignoring it in il2-’46. Then, a few years later, fell in love with it in Cliffs of Dover, it was a really nice plane to fly (it has that kind of ‘my first car’ vibe)
    Tonight, finally took off for the first time in VR. The same good sensations came back to me.
    Had fun on finnish training server, shot down some overconfident 109 pilots !
    However, in the combat box server, during my very first fight,I got shot down…by a stuka ! 😀
    Totally worth it.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It does have a my first car vibe come to think of it. Yeah the Hurricane is something special for sure!


  3. Blue 5 says:

    Should get some free time tomorrow. The .303s were getting questionable in 1940 and by 1941-42 when the oppositions has heavier armour, sealing tanks and greater speed then the package has become a little bit out of date. But it is a Hurricane and it did the job when required, to the detriment of opposition who failed to take it seriously.

    Are they 60- or 90-round Hispanno drums, BTW?

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      90-round fortunately!

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  4. Eggnog says:

    1C really out-did themselves on this one! Insanely good work the whole way round. Looks good, sounds incredible, and has a VERY unique feel. I think it’s actually really nice that it released with the improved G-modelling, as overall with the sounds and visuals I can “feel” what is happening better than ever!

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  5. Blue 5 says:

    Got up at 6:00 to enjoy a Dawn Patrol while the family still asleep. Loaded QMB, Rhineland Winter, sun just starting to rise. She is an absolute beauty and handles just how I have read and I would expect. Love it.

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  6. Blue 5 says:

    Quick reference to Tom Weiss of LockOn Files who passed away end of August but I think many of us did not know.

    S! to a great guy and community contributor

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Thanks for the update Blue 5! I was just writing something up about it.

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