MSFS dev update focuses on third parties, world tours, VR news

The latest Microsoft Flight Simulator developer update from Asobo Studios covers a wide range of topics including news about a second round of VR closed beta testers, a summary and update on the efforts of third party developers (including SDK updates), and news about a very cool community site that should help you find your next flight. Let’s have a look!

Third party focus

Microsoft Flight Simulator isn’t just a released title that gets a few updates here and there. It was intended from the start to be a living product that both the primary developer, Asobo Studios, and third parties feed into the sim. Asobo and Microsoft are keen to highlight their successes in that area touting not only the sim’s features but the extensibility of it and third party developers have flocked to the next gen sim. Here’s a few notable stats:

  • 70 partners approved to the partner program
  • 60 products approved in the marketplace
  • over 80 airports released with 50 in the store already
  • 150 airports are slated for release in 2021
  • 7 aircraft released for the platform, 4 are in the marketplace
  • 60 aircraft have been announced and 20 more are known but unannounced

This week’s update also includes some more details on what Asobo is doing with the SDK. Most of it is developer oriented, however, any improvements to the SDK will help us all have better third party modules and ultimately better experiences. I can’t wait to see what they can do!

World tour flights

One of the best things about Microsoft Flight Simulator is setting out on a tour and seeing a new part of the world. I’ve written plenty of flight journal pieces to cover some of my adventures and clearly I’m not alone in wanting to explore myself and share with others where I’ve been. Enter World Tour Flights, a community created website that lets you share routes.

Check out World Tour Flights and find or share a flight.

Flight Simulator expands VR beyond WMR

A second round of closed beta invites are going out. VR Closed Beta Wave 2 invitations for non-WMR headsets is exciting as it opens the door to more VR headsets and more people being able to experience Flight Simulator in VR.

It’s not clear if you can still sign-up but Asobo’s VR sign-up page is still available. It sounds like Asobo will be turning their VR patch loose before too long so even if you don’t get into the beta, you can still look forward to experiencing Flight Simulator in VR.

All of this and more on the Flight Simulator website.

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