Search and rescue on the DCS SAR server

DCS World has proven itself to be flexible and capable of supporting a wide array of mission types. There’s the conventional CAP, strike, CAS and interception missions but what about something less combat oriented – enter the DCS SAR server where civilian operations involving helicopters and search and objective based search and rescue missions are what the entire experience is all about. Here’s my first impressions (and attempts) at SAR in DCS World.

Searching and rescuing

DCS World’s helicopters have all sorts of interesting roles to perform beyond their combat purpose. Although my stick time in them remains limited, I have been looking for more to do with them and this multiplayer server might be just the thing for you if you’re looking to do something different.

SAR server is all about flying, navigating, rescuing people in some difficult terrain situations and then getting them back to a hospital for recovery. Here’s what the server creator had to say about the whole thing:

This Server is all about SAR. You will find a set of available missions you can fly. Fly to the SAR missions and either hover above them or land next to them to pickup stranded/injured people. This region have too many lost people for some reason and you are here to save them all..

DCS Multiplayer Team on the DCS World forums

Requiring serious feats of airmanship, flying on this server poses its own challenges and particularly if you’re not terribly good at helicopters like I am. Toss in wind, rain and an overcast cloud deck and you’ve got yourself the makings of some interesting scenarios that require navigation and planning and feats of helicopter control.

Starting out from one of the FARP’s and airports on the Caucasus map, you can use the F10 radio menu to find a mission along with basic navigation. Getting there will involve fighting head and tail winds and sometimes finding your way up and over ridge-lines and around mountains. Once nearby the people needing rescue will pop a smoke canister to give you a good sense of where they are so you can either land or hover to pick them up.

Some people needing rescue will be out in the open while others will be on the side of mountains. In my case I kept finding people in awkward places. While my fellow helicopter pilots pulled off incredible feats of putting their nose gear in place on the side of a mountain while everyone hopped on, I kept falling into VRS and plummeting to the ground.

SAR definitely has its share of challenges.

I was never able to pull off a successful rescue but I was still able to have some fun here.

If you’re a DCS World helicopter pilot and you want to test your skills or try doing something different, I highly recommend you check out this unique server. Read more about the server and what the creators are doing with it right here.


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