Orbx introduces Volanta flight tracking software

Better known for their scenery packs, Orbx is expanding their business in some new an interesting directions and the newest is called ‘Volanta.’ This app is meant to be a one stop shop for flight tracking allowing you to build up a collection of flights that are all stored in one app. Let’s have a look.

Tracking your flights across multiple sims

An example of the Volanta map interface from Orbx

Orbx’s Volanta went into closed beta just a few days ago and has already emerged into an open beta/released format. The software is free with planned premium expansions coming later on. The idea behind Volanta is to be able to archive and track all of your sim flying, across multiple platforms, all in one app that you can access via desktop, web, and mobile. It’s an interesting concept that brings together a lot of different data sources all into one place.

The sims it supports include Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane 11, and DCS World among many others. If you fly multiple sims, it’ll be able to track all of your flights in all of these sims once appropriately configured.

The service lets you do flight planning, make use of SimBrief to import flight plans, has access to NaviGraph data (including the most recent data if you’re a subscriber), keep up with what you’re friends are doing and complete a series of challenges and objectives built into the service. In short, Orbx is attempting to create a hub service that encourages flying, exploring, and making use of all of your sim products. It doesn’t hurt too that Orbx sells plenty of scenery that support these sims either!

You’ll be able to track individual flights as well as log your hours spent flying different types of aircraft. VATSIM, PilotEdge, IVAO, and FSCloud are also part of the integration and you can even see VATSIM ATC controllers when they are online and what area’s they are covering.

Available now

I’ve only just downloaded and started trying it today so I have no opinions formed but I am particularly interested in the tracking, seeing what routes friends are flying, and particularly with the integrated challenges that are also part of the experience. This might provide the kind of structure that some are looking for with their civil flight sim experience.

Check out the announcement for Volanta here on the Orbx forums and then head on over to the website to sign up, download the app, and check it out!

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