Orbx statement on London landmark pack, sale on UK airports

With yesterday’s UK & Ireland update out, many have quickly discovered that Orbx’s London landmark pack has some compatibility issues with the new update. Orbx has issued a statement addressing the issue and the speed with which they are planning to address it. Meanwhile, 30% off for a short period of time on UK based airports. Here’s everything we know!

Scenery incompatibility

Orbx has been selling a London city landmark pack since the earliest days of the Flight Simulator marketplace being open. Now, we’ve learned that the pack is not compatible with the new world update. With the landmark pack active, you’ll see duplicate landmarks and missing photogrammetry. Fortunately, Orbx seems to have a plan:

We are currently working on a separate pack which will be fully compatible with the Microsoft World Update: UK. This will be free for customers who have previously purchased the London City pack. 


Orbx plans to have two variants of the scenery pack available. One will service users without the world update while another will be compatible with the new world update. In addition to compatibility fixes, Orbx is planning to add new landmarks to both packs.

Read the whole statement here.

Airport sale

If you’ve been flying over the skies of the UK and are looking for some more high detail airports to add to the scenery already available, Orbx has you covered with a limited time 30% off sale on UK airports through the MSFS Marketplace and on OrbxDirect.

The airports included are:

  • EGGP Liverpool John Lennon Airport
  • EGLC London City Airport
  • EGNM Leeds Bradford Airport
  • EGNT Newcastle Airport
  • EGPN Dundee Airport
  • EGTB Wycombe Air Park

Check these out on the Orbx store.


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