Aerosoft’s CRJ for MSFS is out now!

The day has come and there’s much to celebrate as Aerosoft’s CRJ airliner has been released for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airliner is available in the MSFS marketplace and available directly from Aerosoft on their online store. Here are the launch day details that you need to know!

Key features and promo trailer

The CRJ 550/700 from Aerosoft arrives with a long list of features. From a highly detailed model and PBR textures with 9-liveries to fluid animations for landing gear, flaps, cargo and service doors. The aircraft is supposed to sport a detailed rendition of the aircraft’s Honeywell avionics suite including a custom HUD.

There’s also an electronic flight display (a tablet) that gives you control over service doors and aircraft parameters such as the number of people onboard and cargo weight. The EFD will show weight and balance graphs with real time recalculations as well as making use of Navigraph charts to display the aircraft’s position.

The aircraft also comes with eight manuals detailing the types operation in the sim. Needless to say, there are a lot of features to get into and master.

Check out the launch trailer which already has 26,235 views from this morning!

What many have been waiting for

This is an aircraft that a lot of people have been hoping to see come to Flight Simulator since the early days of the release. Although Aerosoft is not calling this a study level aircraft, it is still a high fidelity experience and the first payware airliner to reach this level.

Aerosoft worked closely with Asobo on their SDK (software development kit) for the sim and likely had a bit of a leg-up when it came to building a more complex aircraft in the sim. Other developers will no doubt be following along but Aerosoft is here first and that has elicited plenty of excitement.

Available for launch

The price has been set at $50.99 USD or €42.01 and is currently the highest priced aircraft in the marketplace. Given the featureset and relative complexity versus the mostly GA aircraft that we’ve seen so far, this is likely a reasonable price and will undoubtedly be dwarfed by other complex airliner releases coming later on. The new aircraft is available for purchase from the Marketplace within the sim or directly from Aerosoft.


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