FlightSimExpo 2021 moving to September 24-26

In this second year of disruptions and challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, FlightSimExpo has had to navigate the same complex series of challenges that other in-person events have and that means that this year the expo is moving to a new date in September.

Same hybrid-expo

The plan by the FlightSimExpo team is to go with the same plan that they already have for 2021 and that is to offer a both in-person and virtual experience. The location, Town and Country Resort in San Diego, CA, USA, also remains the same. The only thing changing is the date and here they have made a big shift from June to September.

This was undoubtedly done with the hopes that the world will be a little better off by September and that travel and borders will begin to open up again. My fingers are crossed! Here’s the Tweet that FSExpo used to announce the change.

As it is, I’m likely to remain a virtual attendee this year as September is a typically busy time for me in my professional life and it’s unclear if I’ll be fully vaccinated by that point or if international travel will have opened up sufficiently to enable it. I’m sure 2022 will be a better year!

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