Stormbirds Podcast Episode 4 – Civil Aviation Sims in 2021 Part 1 – Microsoft Flight Simulator

This is the Stormbirds Podcast Episode 4. In this episode I’ve invited Jon and Casey back from an earlier episode to talk about Civil Aviation sims. This is a two part series with the first part being focused on Microsoft Flight Simulator. In the next episode we’ll talk about X-Plane and other civil aviation sims!

Listen here or on YouTube

There are two ways to listen in right now. One is embedded right here at

The other is on the Stormbirds YouTube channel.

Still working on moving the podcast to other platforms soon! Stay tuned for that!


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  1. Toxin 1 says:

    Enjoyed the podcast. Nice job. I am still curious as to the value proposition for an xBox release. No VR on xBox, a big feature for this type of experience. Also, limited HOTAS Yoke hardware support. I agree that MSFS2020 is the best civil experience out of the box and has a lot of up side moving forward.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I think there’s probably more people interested in flying and airplanes than we sometimes give credit for but there’s not always the opportunity or the hardware available to get into it.

      If all someone has (or wants) is an XBox which is relatively cost effective versus a gaming PC, getting into the sim this way may be the best way to do it. I am hopeful that more hardware support will be on the way for XBox users so they could do something like plug in a yoke and throttle if they wanted to.

      The value for the rest of us is a bigger market, more development, and as the latest Q&A made clear, continued optimization on the entire sim platform to ensure solid performance on the console and perhaps even better on our PC’s. Not too bad 😉


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