New DCS: Eurofighter FAQ plus where did the trailer go?

If you’re psyched about the DCS: Eurofighter, you’re not alone and many of us are clamouring for new details. Fortunately a FAQ answers some of those burning questions and helps us get a sense of where development is going to go including what will be in early access and beyond. Also, if you’re wondering where the trailer for the DCS: Eurofighter went, there’s an answer for that too!

Some key information from the FAQ

There’s a lot of information that IronMike from Heatblur dropped into the DCS: Eurofighter FAQ and I have picked out some of the key pieces of information that you may want to know about.

To start, the plan that TrueGrit had before remains in that they are planning to do a Luftwaffe version of the Eurofighter first and then look into other capabilities later. That means arming the aircraft with the Luftwaffe’s chosen short range missile, the IRIS-T, as well as AMRAAM, Meteor, as well as omitting the PIRATE IRST sensor which was not fitted to Luftwaffe aircraft.

The official word is that Heatblur recognizes the multi-national aspects of the jet and will do their best to incorporate those elements in as much as possible through liveries, campaigns and unspecified “other content.” Heatblur has shown with the F-14 that they are willing to tackle some significant differences (i.e. the A and B versions) so it’s possible that we’ll see added features and other nationalities specific capabilities added later.

Early access goals are to release a fully clickable and functional Eurofighter with air-to-air capabilities only. Other features would include detailed engine modeling, hydraulics, radar, and Eurofighter specific weapons. Although the jet has multi-role air to ground abilities too, those are planned for post launch early access.

Bottom line is that Heatblur is looking to do what they usually do and deliver a good initial early access release build up from there. The DCS: F-14 lacked some features on launch but there was more than enough there to keep us busy for ages while they nailed down some specific features. That seems pragmatic and reasonable for complex jets like these ones.

What happened to the trailer?

If you went to watch the DCS: Eurofighter trailer today, you may have noticed that it isn’t available anymore. What’s the story there? Well, we know some of what went on.

We were made aware of an ambiguity with regards to the license for an element present in the Eurofighter announcement trailer released yesterday. We’ve decided to temporarily hide the video until we resolve the issue.

This has no bearing or effect on the development of the Eurofighter for DCS World, and our development team forges on unhindered.

Thank you for all of your amazing feedback and excitement. This is why we do what we do, and we can’t wait to share more with you soonest.


Having done trailer work, I can say with some certainly that it’s likely not the music. It’s fairly straight forward to license music from all kinds of royalty free sources and Heatblur’s trailer maker has certainly done that without issue in the past.

A few had wondered if the JF-17, featured so prominently in the early part of the trailer, was an issue and the word from Cobra847 on that is also no.

Neg, we know the Deka gentlemen well and they are great 🙂


It may have been some other element in the trailer. Perhaps the IRIS-T or the Meteor missile model on display? A texture or piece of artwork that may not have been immediately obvious? These are questions that we don’t have answers to but I’m not sure but it’ll be interesting to see what happens when the trailer comes back online. If something specific is omitted then we may have a sense of what happened but on the other hand, the issue could be resolved, and we may never know.


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