Team Fusion announces Patch 24, plus new VR/sky updates, more

A lot of news coming from Team Fusion Simulations these days as they continue to develop IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover and Desert Wings – Tobruk. In this latest update the team have announced Patch 24 with many fixes and updates to the sim as well as news on VR, TrueSKY, new visual codes for the sim and more.

Patch 24 changelog

Several small updates are coming in Patch 24 which should be released this week (so any time now). Here are the changes that are coming:

  • Quick Mission “Bomber Intercept – Low Level”: Do-17 collisions fixed. Bug#1392. [Oskar]
  • Single missions A Busy Morning, Attack of the Eagles, Attack of the Kiwi, August Attrition, Corpo Aereo Italiano, and The Kanalkampf, have had anti-air guns, barrage balloons, and scenery extended west to the outskirts of London. [Cybermat47]
  • Corrected mixture bug in Hurricane II’s which was preventing them from reaching historical ceilings [RAF74_Buzzsaw]
  • Corrected Takeoff Weight numbers for Bf-110 Tropical and other models. [RAF74_Buzzsaw]
  • Mission building; Class AiAircraft has three new methods concerning Fuel: GetFuelCapacity(), GetCurrentFuelQuantity(), and GetCurrentFuelQuantityInPercent() [Artist]
  • New manual: Printable Engine Tables_en.pdf [Manual Creation Team]

VR progress

The Team Fusion Simulations team are working away on VR for the sim. Although an older engine and not one that was written at a time when VR was a feature that people were looking for, it seems that the team is managing to work their way though challenges and are aiming to deliver a VR experience for fans.

A lot of the developer update is focused on 3D model improvements necessary for VR and that work includes upgrades to the Spitfire’s cockpit.

Aircraft code improvements

Cliffs of Dover has had dynamic aircraft codes in from the start and the Team Fusion Simulations team are giving those codes a once over with some improved and more accurate details on them. For some the differences will be negligible but for the keen eyed among you, some nice improvements in accuracy.

True Sky, 4K upgades other updates

The team is also busy improving the visuals and sounds of the sim. Their audio engineer is improving the audio experience of the sim while the visual team are doing things like creating 4K terrain textures, 4K aircraft textures and working on the TrueSKY implementation. All of these should boast a visual upgrade for the sim that will make a big difference overall.

Listen in to those upgraded engine sounds while you’re at it.

So, clearly a lot on the todo list for Team Fusion Simulations right now. We’ve heard that there will be more updates coming soon and I’ll be keeping tabs on the process as it continues along.

For now, read the latest updates from Team Fusion Simulations here.


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