Team Fusion shows off trueSKY update

We’ve been waiting a while to see Team Fusion inject a new sky technology into their sim for a while but things all seem to be coming together as we’ve got new screenshots showing a work in progress implementation of trueSKY. There are also new 4K skins to have a look at too. Let’s have a look!

The true sky!

The latest screenshots have arrived and they are showing off two key updates for IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover and Desert Wings – Tobruk. One of the new features being shown off are new 4K skins on the Spitfire. The upgrade is underway for multiple aircraft including the Hurricane, Tomahawk, and Kittyhawk so look for those soon.

The big attraction is the new trueSKY technology which brings new volumetric clouds to the sim. The latest update stresses that they are a work in progress but we see some clear progress and the new clouds look better than anything available previously.

Check out the update right here!


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  1. Firdimigdi says:

    Oh that’s pretty. Clouds are a bit on the voxelated side which might or might not be even more apparent in motion but now that they’re in they can only be improved upon. Hopefully some options will be available for tweaking to find that trade-off between performance and quality – one thing that comes to mind that seems to be missing from other truesky implementations is the option to set the threshold radius so the player can adjust how much quality degrades over distance.

    The 4K update naturally looks great (btw some of the thumbnails here lead to themselves instead of a larger 4K image).

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