1CGS to show IL-2 at FSExpo, also Next Level Racing chair contest

Jason Williams, Lead Producer, has announced that IL-2 will be returning to FSExpo this September for the show. If you’re attending FSExpo you will have to drop by the 1C Game Studios booth and check out the IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles display and show some support to the team there. In an unrelated but also FSExpo related note, there’s an interesting sim chair give away that you may want to check out.

Visit the booth

Back in 2019 before the pandemic hit, I attended FSExpo 2019 in Orlando and had a great time visiting and checking out the various booth there. Of course, the booth that I spent the most amount of time with was the 1C Game Studios booth where I met Jason and had a great opportunity to talk to other fans of the series.

This year, FSExpo has moved from June to September in the hopes of hosting the event with an improving situation with the pandemic. Things are still complex but 1CGS is going to have a booth.

Even though we have a smaller presence this year, we will continue to support the FSExpo’s mission of bringing our beloved hobby of flight-simming, especially COMBAT flight-simming to more and more people and building a larger and even more friendly community.

Jason Williams

So, if you get a chance to attend, be sure to drop by the booth!

Next Level Racing sim chair giveaway

One of FSExpo’s sponsors, Next Level Racing, is giving away one of their sim chairs. To enter to win the contest, all you need to do is sign up for their newsletter. If you do go to the expo, be sure to check them out and see the chair for yourself in person.


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