Air Attack Tactical Combat hosting new ‘Kings of the Skies’ tournament

One of IL-2’s newer multiplayer servers, Air Attack Tactical Combat were big supporters of this years Sturmovikfest and they are looking to organize a fun series of competitive squadron dogfight scenarios coming up in September. Here are the details!

Squad multiplayer combat

Air Attack Tactical Combat server’s newest event is aimed at hosting a competitive squadron based multiplayer event coming up in September. The event is primarily aimed at squadrons who are looking for a competitive battlespace to test their skills out against each other. I also see this as an opportunity for folks who aren’t necessarily in a squad to come together even temporarily to try their hand at a competitive event.

Here’s what the event entails:

Air Attack Tactical Combat will be hosting a squadron vs squadron tournament. Depending on how many squadrons sign up, we will be hosting this tournament 3 Saturday’s in a row to be able to get all matches in. This Tournament will be Axis VS Allies Aircraft all the rules will be posted in a word document I will post down below! Do you have what it takes to be the Kings of the Skies? This event will be fighter pilot vs fighter pilot let the BEST Squadron win!


The event starts on September 4th and runs the next two Saturday after that in September.

Event Days/Time

Interested in getting into some competitive multiplayer battles? Check out this thread on the IL-2 forums!


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