New IL-2 dev update focuses on IAR-80, destroyer for Normandy

Just a few tidbits of information and 1CGS very own Flight Journal style update comprise this week’s developer update. Fans of the IAR-80 will be pleased to see progress is being made on the exterior of this aircraft. Battle of Normandy continues forward as well as the 3D model for the Gleaves class destroyer is revealed.

IAR80 progress

1CGS is working with a third party named Ivan who is doing the work to create the IAR80/81. On display is what appears to be the IAR80 although the 81 is mentioned as well so I’m sure the modifications for that version are on the way too.

The update notes that 1CGS will offer the IAR80/81 project for pre-order once the cockpit starts to take shape.

Gleaves class

A class of 66 destroyers used by the United States Navy during the time of the D-Day invasion, this is the first larger warship we’ve seen for Battle of Normandy and it joins the Russian Type 7 destroyer in the sim. Larger ship classes are unlikely but it is good to see that the new class is getting plenty of details for the ships components including its torpedo launchers and the torpedoes themselves!

Looking forward to seeing this ship completed.

The update also includes an interesting after action report from the dev team showing off that they too occasionally get the enjoy the fruits of their labour and take to the skies online. Check that and the rest out right here!


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  1. Novice-Flyer says:

    Really like that were seeing another warship added to the game; hopefully this will make the game start catching up to the amount of vessels in the IL-2 Dover series!

    In regards to the IAR 80/81, I dunno but I feel that this plane should have been made for BoS and not the Fw-190A-3. As I stated with the MC.202, if you can include like 40+ planes/variants in a single installment then feel free to include aircraft that saw lesser action than other aircraft. But if you’re limited to just 10 planes then you have to pick planes that saw considerable action there.
    That’s just how I feel.

    Can’t wait to fly the IAR 80… with a proper cockpit this time as the one in IL-2 1946 IIRC was based on this


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