Flight Simulator Ju52 delayed

A statement by a member of the Microsoft Flight Simulator team made a post tonight on the community forums notifying everyone that the plan to release the Ju52 by the end of this week has been postponed. This is what we know.

Still coming but delayed

One of the new pieces of content that the Microsoft Flight Simulator team is moving forward on is a themed approach to new aircraft content called “Local Legends.” It is aimed at building and indeed preserving historical aircraft in the simulation and the Ju52 is the first of what is likely to be several or even many aircraft.

The aircraft is still planned and on the way, however, in a statement made by MSFS team member Jummivana on the community forums the word is that it has been delayed. Here’s what was said:

As announced previously, we are introducing a new series called Local Legends: historic aircraft that coincide with World Updates. Today, World Update VI: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, was released and the plane to go with it, Junkers JU-52, was set to release on Thursday. The team has decided to postpone the Junkers JU-52 a few weeks in order to polish a few remaining bugs present in the aircraft. We will announce the release date shortly as well. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


As is usually the case with these announcements, I will nearly always air on the side of waiting and getting things right before release. MSFS has had two rough patch releases in the last couple of months but they did a great job with the launch of the Aviat Husky. If the Ju52 has bugs that need to be solved, I applaud the decision to hold off and fix them.


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