Flying Iron Simulations reveals P-38L for Flight Simulator!

It was perhaps one of those “worst kept secrets” but we now have the official unveiling of Flying Iron Simulations P-38L Lightning for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The announcement contains some interesting details and a cool trailer so let’s have a look!

Lightning time!

The Lockheed P-38L Lightning is one of those iconic aircraft of WWII with a unique shape that stands out in the crowd. It is instantly recognizable and a real classic aircraft so I’m very excited to see them bring it to the sim.

Here are some of the key features as listed by their website:

  • Incredibly detailed modelling, texturing, lighting & artwork
  • Hi-fidelity Wwise Sound Package, using sounds recorded from a real P-38 Lightning
  • Highly realistic Flight Model, fine-tuned down to the smallest details
  • Realistic simulation of the twin, counter-rotating Alison V-1710 1600 HP engines powering the Curtiss 3-blade constant speed Props. This includes our custom temperature model, realistic engine management, prop feathering and failures for an immersive flight experience.
  • Detailed custom systems modelling, including fuel, electrical, oxygen and starter systems powered by over 9000 lines of code!
  • Modern Radio & Transponder integration, as well as an optional in-cockpit Garmin 430 GPS
  • Optional drop-tanks for extended range flights
  • Unique features such as Particle FX, canopy blowouts and blackouts!
  • Plus much more!

Also mentioned is the inclusion of Raimond aka GotGravel to the development team. Well known in some developer circles, Raimond will be tackling a lot of the flight model work for the P-38 and has already contributed significantly to the Spitfire IX from Flying Iron. Incidentally, it has also been mentioned that it frees up two other developers to work more on the DCS: A-7 project. Nice!

Check out all of this and more on the official announcement.


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Looks tasty. Would have liked to have seen more in the cockpit but maybe it’s still being worked on.

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