Thranda’s Wilga PZL is out for X-Plane11

The wait for Thranda’s Wilga PZL for X-Plane 11 is over as the developer has published their latest project. It comes packed with some interesting features from this well known developer. Let’s have a look!

Dynamic Generation Series

Thranda is a developer that is known for packing in some unique and interesting features for their aircraft and have recently been labeling them ‘Dynamic Generation Series’ to showcase their aircraft that have the highest levels of customization.

Some of those customizable features include these highlights from the store description:

  • FULLY configurable 3D instrument panel with over 50 instruments to choose from including Aspen EFD 1000, and support for RealityXP GTN750.
  • Move any instrument to any location on the panel, or even between pilot and copilot’s panel.
  • Option to change the tail number in real-time, or disable it altogether.
  • Create “virtual” liveries, based on one common design layout, and assign any colour to any available paint segment.
  • Additional control over dirt/grime, scratches/nicks, adjustable in real-time to dial in the exact desired amount of wear and tear.  Affects airspeed. Clean plane will fly 2-3 MPH faster.

Those are some interesting features in addition to the usual collection of high fidelity flight modeling, PBR textures (even those are customizable), and FMOD sounds.

If the Wilga PZL from Thranda sounds like your kind of aircraft, visit the X-Plane.Org Store and pick it up for their promotional $32.95 USD price. The aircraft will eventually bump up to $39.95 at the end of September.


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