New clouds, AQM, and Breguet 14.B2 part of new IL-2 update

Breguet 14.B2

The first part of the update focuses on the Breguet 14.B2. This is the first French bomber to come to the Flying Circus series and it’s both an impressive aircraft as well as a popular one among those who used to fly it (or maybe still do) in Rise of Flight.

When it arrives, the Breguet 14.B2 will have the best bombload in Flying Circus yet (until the Gotha G.V and Handley-Page 0-400 arrive) while also flying along at a reasonable speed. More than just a copy and paste, Jason reports in the update that they have also added fuel mixture and elevator trim features to the aircraft. Something that it was lacking in RoF.

Of course the type will also sport 4K textures inside and out and the other usual visual enhancements that the series offers.

Advanced mission building

I’m excited about the Advanced Quick Mission builder (AQM). It resurrects the old Campaign system which was a very good quick mission generator while not being a very good Campaign system. A name change and some enhancements to bring it back can only mean good things for those looking for a variety of single player IL-2 experiences.

Several dozen screenshots have been released showcasing the feature. AQM will interlink with the regular QMB offering a new kind of icon on the map that will unlock the ability to select aircraft, type of mission and weather conditions to fly in going by the images. Jason reports that the feature will let you setup a mission in moments and be up and flying quickly. He also says that the team have focused on Moscow, Stalingrad, Kuban and Rhineland maps first and that they hope to add the other maps available in the series later too.


I know people are going to be wondering if Flying Circus is going to be able to take advantage of the AQM. The answer is, yes, but not just yet.

Will work with the new Western Front map when it’s ready. Not going to spend time adapting it to Arras map right now. Have bigger fish to fry like FC Career mode.

Jason Williams

That seams reasonable. With a larger Arras sector and new Verdun sector maps coming, it makes more sense for the team to make sure those maps get the AQM system setup closer to their launch points. Eventually the current Arras map will be lesser used in favour of more expansive map options so in the long run this will be a good thing.

Cloud comparisons

Finally, we have a new video aimed at showcasing the new cloud feature for IL-2 Great Battles complete with a side by side comparison and frame rate counter to show off what the new clouds are like versus the old ones.

This video demonstrates just how powerful the new cloud tech is and its potential. We can now offer A LOT more cloud cover and not smash the framerate that you are accustomed to. Early testing points to a net gain in framerate even with exponentially more cloud particles and shapes in the scene.

Jason Williams

Have a look!

Jason also reports that VR performance seems to be similarly excellent.

This is a great piece of news and perhaps not unexpected as we’ve seen a variety of flight sims make use of this new style of volumetric cloud technology over the last few years. Diverse titles from Ace Combat to Microsoft Flight Simulator and DCS World are all using some variation of this newer technology and the benefits appear to be excellent performance while having far more volume of cloud on the screen.

It’s also worth noting that the IL-2 team are working on the technology rather than the look of the clouds right now and that the visual appearance is probably going to change between now and release too.

Check this all out on the latest IL-2 developer diary!


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  1. 1_Robert_ says:

    This is indeed Great news! Thanks Shamrock.

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  2. Blue 5 says:

    They looks lovely!

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  3. Gretsch_Man says:

    Quite a difference! Really looking forward to it.

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