Next IL-2 patch moves towards release

There’s no developer diary coming this week, however, Executive Producer Jason Williams was on the forums dropping a few juicy details about the next patch and progress on the new clouds. So here’s a quick update!

Patch moves to release, new clouds to beta

A couple of quick updates for everyone. First, we’ve learned that the team is moving towards release candidate status on 4.605 which likely means that patch is imminent. The two key features will be the Breguet (a French bomber for FC Vol 2) and the new Advanced Quick Mission Builder.

Then, the team is going to be moving the new cloud technology into beta testing next week. Could we see the new clouds before the end of the year? Progress appears to be going well!

Here’s what Jason had to say.

Sorry no DD today. We are focused on the Release Candidate for 4.605 with the Breguet and AQMG. After this we plan to put the new clouds into the Beta next week. Probably have a good DD next week.

Jason Williams

Some good news going into the weekend!

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  1. Percy Danvers says:

    I have been antsy to get my hands on the AQMB since it was officially announced in July. The wait has been AGONY

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  2. Clostermann says:

    Is it just me or has Normandy taken far longer than it was supposed to?
    It looks well delayed still with lots of promised aircraft still only in early stages of development.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      If there is a delay it’s only a slight one. Bodenplatte was announced in November of 2017 and fully released two years later in December of 2019. Normandy was announced in November of 2019 and here were are about 2 years later. If we factor in that Bodenplatte was already in production for a bit before it was announced (let’s guess at 3 months) then there isn’t too much difference.

      Normandy is being projected as a Q2 2022 release. So… a 2.5 year dev cycle for Normandy follows a similar one that Bodenplatte is on. The delays can easily be attributed to the team having to pack up the office and move to work from home while also suffering several illnesses from the pandemic (it sounds like at least one or two were quite severe).

      All in all, Normandy appears on track. If it isn’t closing in on launch by Q2 next year then it’ll be running late.

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