Just Flight release their Hawk T.1/A

The Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft makers at Just Flight have just released their long awaited Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer. Let’s have a look!

It’s Hawk time!

Fans of BAe’s Hawk have already had the opportunity to check out the T-45C Goshawk and now it has a bit of competition the second rendition of the trainer for MSFS coming from Just Flight.

Just flight reports that their Hawk T1/A comes with realistic payloads including AIM-9 sidewinders and the Red Arrow’s smoke modification as well as highly detailed systems, over 200 custom sounds, and eight 8K PBR based liveries including RAF and Red Arrows schemes. A preview video covers the cold and dark process of starting up the T1/A.

If you’re interested in Just Flight’s new Hawk T/1A, it’s available from their online store for $49.99 USD.


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    absolutely phenomenal addon. spent most of the weekend getting to know it and tuning/tweaking joystick/rudder/etc.

    will be spending much MFS time with this one 🙂

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