FlyJSim Q4XP is out

I already mentioned this in one of my news round ups but this one is worth another look. FlyJSim have released their highly anticipated Q4XP, a Canadian made, Bombardier designed and now Mitsubishi owned Q400 for X-Plane 11. It’s yet another high profile airliner release for the X-Plane 11 platform. So, let’s have a look at the FlyJSim Q4XP!

Turboprop airliner power

FlyJSim have been working on their Q400 for X-Plane 11 for quite some time. It’s release has been highly anticipated and based on the initial reviews and the positive comments that I’ve seen from around the X-Plane 11 community, this turboprop airliner has been checking all of the boxes.

The developers list in-depth avionics and system modeling including a custom programmed UNS-1Ew flight management system, deicing system, and fully modeled electrical system. There’s also 4K PBR textures, detailed lighting, a fully modeled cockpit and cabin, and fire and ice simulation. The JPad is FlyJSim’s EFB system which can be accessed via a 2D pop-up or 3D in the cockpit providing access to detailed aircraft specifications.

18 liveries are also available out of the box covering many of the airlines that the type is operated by. I think it looks particularly sharp in the new corporate livery for Air Canada!

From what I hear, this aircraft lives up to the hype with praise for the type’s highly detailed systems modeling. The only criticism seems to be the especially heavy system resources usage and commensurate drop in frame rates. That critique seems to be valid although testing by the community seems to reveal that the Q4XP is inline with some other highly detailed aircraft like the HotStart TBM 900.

Available now

The FlyJSim Q4XP is available from the store for $79.95 USD. The pricing is high but it’s about inline with some of the other highly detailed airliners that we’ve seen in recent months. Check out the impressive feature list on the FlyJSim website!

X-Plane 11 may be near the end of its life as the premier X-Plane product but it is going out with one heck of a bang given the huge number of highly detailed aircraft released in just the last few months.


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