RAZBAM updating DCS: M-2000C radar, manual

A 6-month process at RAZBAM to do a deep dive into their third party DCS World modules and rebuild their radar framework seems to be paying off as they have just presented significant updates to their DCS: M-2000C module. Let’s have a look at what they have been up to.

New levels of detail and new modes

The new modeling for the 2000C adds new layers of detail and new modes. Among them is a terrain avoidance mode and LPRF which will show what is more or less a raw readout from the radar’s display. New ground mapping features will enable the aircraft to avoid terrain while flying at low altitudes.

Symbology has also seen some updates and RAZBAM have provided plenty of details of what the new and more accurate symobology is. That appears to mostly affect the guns and Magic II missile displays but even the 530 has seen some updates.

With this update we brought the Mirage radar and air-to-air systems to the level of quality and realism they deserve. We will continue to improve the module by going over the remaining systems with the goal of making it the best Mirage 2000C simulation possible.

myHelljumper, RAZBAM on the DCS forums

In addition to these updates, several other “quality of life” improvements have been added to the development version of the aircraft. Here they are:

  • Total rework of the VTB and VTB symbology in SVG.
  • New PCN, fuel flow and frequency repeater fonts.
  • ILS needle test.
  • Realistic back-up ADI spindown and caging.
  • Realistic radio frequency repeater with special option to keep the old implementation
  • SRS integration for PTT as well as transmission and reception indication inside the cockpit.
  • New AoA popup to replace the VTH indication.
  • New dynamic RWR symbol page, with RWR customization in saved games folder.

These updates are expected in the next open beta. RAZBAM warns that key bindings have changed and you will need to do some updates to your control scheme before taking on the enemy in aerial combat. You’ve been warned!

Manual update

Meanwhile, the new manual is also available here. It covers all of the changes and is supposed to be easier to understand and work with. I suspect I’ll be finally relearning the Mirage very soon!


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Never had a love affair with this plane, but I still have my two-week free trial open, maybe I’ll give it another go.

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