DCS: F-16C also getting the HARM targeting system!

The last two updates from Matt Wagner came just yesterday. Going over new Markpoint and GMT (ground moving target) modes, both of those seemed like a pretty good update for the DCS: F-16C for the forthcoming new patch. Today, we learned that the HARM Targeting System and the HTS Pod are also coming to the F-16. This is a big feature.

Defense to offense

HARM Targeting System is a specialty of the Block 50/52 series F-16C Vipers employed by the USAF. The pod sits on the left cheek station and it gives the Viper an impressive SEAD capability. While I would describe systems available on the Hornet and Viper to-date as more defensive capabilities, HTS enables you to actively go hunting for SAM sites, ID and lock them, set a markpoint, and proceed to destroy them with AGM-88 HARM missiles and other weapons.

Yes, you could do that previously but this provides for a much increased level of information on the emitter’s location with overlays that give you a much better sense of the engagement range.

That’s exactly what Matt Wagner lays out in a 12-minute training video released earlier today. Check it out!


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