Put on your study hats for MPD fun with the DCS: AH-64D

Matt Wagner’s latest video is less exciting than firing missiles or looking through the bottom of the aircraft with the AH-64’s mounted camera and FLIR system but it is no less important for the operation of the AH-64. It’s time… to learn about the ENG, FLT, and FUEL Pages on the MPD.

ENG, FLT, and FUEL Pages

This is a bit more academic than some of the other videos but, the details are important, as Matt Wagner talks about how to interact with the DCS: AH-64D’s MPD system. At the center of this tutorial are the ENG, FLT and FUEL pages. The first, detailing the engine systems, the second showing the flight status of the helicopter and the third, unsurprisingly, shows the fuel systems. Each has important capabilities that can be interacted with via the buttons on the side of the MPD or slewed by HOTAS control (a bit of a unique feature there).

Get yourself out a coffee and watch as Matt Wagner goes through these essential pieces of the AH-64’s operation.


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    More studying. But as long as I can fly the thing and work the gun I’ll be happy for a while.

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