SimWorks Studios announces launch date for MSFS Kodiak

I’ve had my eye on SimWorks Studios and their Quest Kodiak for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer studio is putting the finishing touches on their Kodiak and have announced a release date as well as release plans for the different variants of the Kodiak. Let’s have a look!

Kodiak coming to MSFS

The Quest Kodiak is a turboprop powered utility aircraft built by Quest Aircraft and, as of 2019, Daher. The aircraft can be configured to carry up to 10-passengers or equivalent cargo. It has STOL capability thanks to its wing design and the 750hp Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-34 turboprop engine.

SimWorks Studios announced a few days ago that they are finalizing the aircraft and have plans to release it on Friday, December 17. They are planning to release the aircraft on SWS, ORBX, SimMarket and other online stores with plans to make it available on the Marketplace with support for PC and Xbox pilots.

The price that SimWorks has listed is €29.99 which comes out to $33.95 USD at current rates.

New screenshots and video

Several screenshots have been released on the SimWorks Studios Facebook page showing off the new aircraft to good effect. They have also advertised a streamer by the name of TwoCats who has been showing off the aircraft in action in the sim.

As I write this, he’s currently streaming a series of shot hops with the Kodiak which gives us a good look at the aircraft and its cockpit. Check TwoCats out who has announced that he will be streaming the aircraft every Sunday between now and launch.


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  1. nickjukar says:

    Really looking forward to this and FSG’s PC-6 Porter. Thranda’s PC-6 in XP11 was my favourite aircraft in that sim, hope these two come somewhere close to the same level!


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