Eagle Dynamics details new AI FM, plus Mi-24 pilot model

DCS World’s AI have been lauded for some of their tactical abilities while also frequently criticized for their “UFO like” handling. It is one of the biggest complaints I have about DCS World and Eagle Dynamics are tackling this problem in a big way. Introducing the General Flight Model or GFM that ED has detailed in a more substantial way in this update. We also get a look at the pilot model details for the Mi-24P. Let’s go!

GFM will make a big difference

Presented alongside some very nice screenshots of the MiG-29 Fulcrum, Eagle Dynamics are talking up their new General Flight Model (GFM). DCS World have had a number of different flight models over the year including what is now called the SFM (Standard) used during the Lock-on: Modern Air Combat days, then the AFM developed for the introduction of the Su-25T, and then the even more advanced PFM and EFM used by Eagle Dynnamics and by third parties respectively to provide for a very realistic experience.

The SFM has been used for AI aircraft for some time now but that simplified model compared to what Human pilots experience has lead to a variety of issues. Not least of which is what has popularly been called “UFO behavior” by the AI in some situations.

Using the PFM for all aircraft would be time consuming and CPU intensive, Eagle Dynamics have instead spent the last two years building a new model that is more streamlined but that uses some components of the PFM that can be applied quickly to all aircraft. Even better, this system can apparently be flown by all AI aircraft without a training process in place to teach the AI how to fly it.

Eagle Dynamics goes on to say the following:

This fundamental work required about two years of programming with formation flying alone requiring an additional 5 months of intense development. The main task was to teach the AI to fly correctly but not as a supernatural drone but rather as a human pilot would, including micro-delays, errors and limitations. Soon, every pilot can practice the formation lead role and develop highly realistic skills without having to play online and depend on inadequate wingmen to hone his talent.

Beyond this, we also have a video showcasing the new AI with graphical overlays showing some of the AI working together to manage an aerobatic display.

Mi-24P pilot details

The DCS: Mi-24P Hind pilot is getting some new details and in the latest update Eagle Dynamics talk about the rare Navigator chronograph model 3133 watch that will sit on their wrist along with the fine details on the gloves. Check it out!

Check out all of this and more on the latest DCS World Weekend News update.


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    Very nice to see the FM get some serious work. As for the wristwatch, well, I guess it’s good to know what time it is.

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