IL-2’s significant cloud update is just around the corner

It almost happened today but it’s not quite ready yet as 1CGS puts the finishing touches on one of two expected updates for IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles this month. Here’s what we know!

Upgraded clouds patch on the way

Pulled at the last second to resolve some final issues, nonetheless the series Executive Producer, Jason Williams, let us know that we were close to seeing the patch today and that the update may arrive as soon as tomorrow.

All of this was shared in the Screenshots section of the official IL-2 forums.

Update with new clouds canceled for today unfortunately. Last second issue and we ran out of time for today.

Jason Williams

Not all was lost, however, community member ICDP (who is one of the testers) posted several screenshots showing off the final configurations of the new clouds. The configurations are all based on real cloud formations including Stratocumulus castellanus, Stratocumulus + Alstostratus, Cumulus congestus, and so forth.

This patch is going to be a visual update for the series so it will be interesting to see and will undoubtedly add to the visual appeal of the series. For me, the biggest changes will be new features like bigger cloud formations and the appearance of localized rainstorms that move across the map shrouding an area temporarily in low visibility while leaving other areas relatively clear.

Also expected in the next patch is the addition of the DFW C.V reconnaissance and light bomber for Flying Circus Vol 2 owners. Later this month, the P-51B Mustang for IL-2: Battle of Normandy is expected to make its long awaited appearance. Stay tuned folks!


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