Big Radials reveals JRF-6 Goose for next project

If you’re a fan of historical aviation in Microsoft Flight Simulator you probably already know the name Big Radials. These developers specialize on aircraft that belong to earlier eras in flight and their P-40B really impressed me when I reviewed it earlier in the year. Coming up next is the Grumman JRF-6 Goose which they have just revealed.

It’s Goose time!

Designed as a eight seat commuter aircraft, the Grumman Goose found itself being operated in both civilian and military roles following its first flight in 1937 with roles in the US Navy, US Army Air Force, Royal Air Force and Royal Canadian Air Force. Big Radials is bringing the US Navy JRF-6 variant to life in the sim and have shown off some screenshots of the aircraft on their Facebook page.

In addition to the aircraft, Big Radials is also offering two bush trips with a flight along the coast of British Columbia as well as another taking you down through the Dry Tortugas in Florida. WWise sounds, 4K textures, and attention to unique features like the vacuum driven flap system are all part of the plan for the Goose.

Big Radials also reports that they are working with The Goose Hangar, a flight instructor company that offers training flying the, you guessed it, Grumman Goose.

And I would be remiss to not mention that the Goose was about half of the inspiration behind 1990’s design of Balloo’s airplane in Disney Cartoon Tail Spin (Spin it!).

Check out the screenshots below and visit Big Radials on Facebook for updates.


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