IndiaFoxtEcho report MSFS F-35 nearly ready for release

Microsoft Flight Simulator is about to get one of the most advanced combat aircraft in the world thanks to the hard work from the team at IndiaFoxtEcho. Let’s check out their F-35 project update!

Release this week?

Last week, IndiaFoxtEcho reported that they were aiming for release but that their beta testers had identified a number of issues both big and small. IFE as a developer is very open with their process, the challenges they are facing and what they are up against and that includes a log of 244 change requests from their beta testing team.

They do feel like they are at commercial release quality level now, however, they want to crush a few more bugs and resolve some issues before they do go to release. Their internal beta 2 has had a ‘no go’ moment as a number of crash to desktop issues (common with MSFS it seems) have been spotted late in the testing cycle.

With all of that said, indications are good that the F-35 may go on sale this week or perhaps next week barring any further ‘no go’ issues.

Release package

The F-35 is going to come out as its own separate product in a number of MSFS storefronts including the official marketplace. As there are rules surrounding the display of weapons in the MSFS Marketplace, that version of the F-35 will not have external stores. Other versions sold in other storefronts will.

IFE also report that they are splitting the LHA America class carrier from the F-35 release and offering it as a supplemental and optional pack allowing them to reduce the cost of the F-35 and enabling them to update the carrier on a separate schedule from the F-35.

Keep an eye on IndiaFoxtEcho on their Facebook page here.


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