P-51B for Battle of Normandy nearing release

A short but sweet developer diary update coming out this week from Jason Williams and 1CGS. This week we get our best look at the P-51B yet with liveries and weapons all in action along with a nice note about the holidays. We also get a look at some new vehicles and the USAAF bomber crewman. Let’s check it all out.

Heading for release

1CGS is looking to make the P-51B Mustang for IL-2 Battle of Normandy ready for release before the end of December. According to Jason’s update today, only a few bugs and the Malcolm Hood modification stand in the way of a release for the aircraft. While the team works on those, we’ve got some brilliant new screenshots to have a look at. Note that we’re getting a good look at the new liveries coming to the aircraft and I of course appreciate the RAF skins being shown off too.

Other updates

Today we also saw some updates on a few other items. The USAAF bomber crewman is being shown off and looking good. We also see the M8 Greyhound and Universal “Bren Gun” Carrier Mk. II. All part of the Normandy update.

Not mentioned this week is the Handley Page 0-400. There was some hope that this might make it into the late December patch some weeks ago but not seeing it today suggests to me that it might slip into another patch.

Also likely to make an appearance early in the new year is the Ju88C-6a for Battle of Normandy. I expect once the Mustang is complete that we’ll see some updates towards that goal too. More coming!


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  1. sigurd andre Olaisen says:

    Loving the way Il2 is shaping up these days. I am a DCS man first and foremost, but IL2 is surely maturing in a nice way. Love the P-51B model. Not sure why, but I much prefer it to the look of the C.
    What I feel is missing the most these days when checking in at Il2 are:
    1: Large formations of heavies (Yeah- I know they say it’s a technical limitation, but it is part of the quintessential WW2 experience.
    2: AI wingmen aircraft in formation managing to cope with 30 deg turns AND, that formations of more than 4 would break into multiple formations, instead of the huge V formation. Might sound like nitpicking, but all air forces used some variation of the finger four, and if you had more than 4 AC, you make another formation

    Hope to see it done some day…

    But happy with what is going on with the sim.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hey! Yep, IL-2 is shaping up really nicely these days.

      For the P-51B and C do you mean the P-51D by comparison? The P-51B and C are identical aircraft produced at different factories.

      The series would be great with some large heavy bombers. The biggest hurdles remain building the aircraft above any other technical challenge. But I’m sure they will sort it out if they get the opportunity to do so.

      AI in formations have gotten better. Given some more time I’m sure they will improve further. The series’ AI has struggled by not having a programmer dedicated to the task until more recent times. So there’s some room for improvement there!


  2. sigurd andre Olaisen says:

    Yes- indeed, I meant the D model:)

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