Magnitude 3 provides F4U, Essex, F8 update

We’ve got some updates from the folks at Magnitude 3 with a very large update focused on their DCS WWII aircraft project: the F4U-1D Corsair. We also have updates for the companion USS Essex-class carrier and a bit of news on the F8 Crusader too. Let’s have a look!

Naming confusion, no more

One of the first thing we learned about in this update is the name of Magnitude 3. They have been alternatively calling themselves Magnitude 3 and Leatherneck Simulations for quite some time now. Their Facebook, website, and other materials often aided confusion on just what we should call them – fortunately it seems that the team has coalesced around the new Magnitude 3 name and that’s what we’re calling them from now on. Excellent!

Corsair updates

Before we get to anything else, feast your eyes on these beautiful screenshots and what appears to be some superb textures for the F4U-1D.

Impressive screenshots for what looks like an impressive module, albeit, one that has taken some time to bring together.

Magnitude 3 has been busy building the DCS: F4U for a few years now. An early demo had most of us wowed and expecting an imminent release, however, Magnitude 3 is pushing forward with ensuring that the project meets the highest standards and so they have spent more time fine tuning their project.

In this update, we’ve learned that they have spent about 10-months rebuilding the cockpit. Something we knew they were doing earlier in the year. What’s new is that the cockpit is close to being finished and is, as they say in the update, nearly ‘ready for early access.’

They say there are a few items still needing work including the gunsight, armored glass, bomb director, and map holder. I’m guessing, however, that they are on the final stretch.

Also coming to the Corsair is the S.W.O.D. 9 Mark 0 Bat Bomb. The weapon was among the first guided weapons ever used and the first, to my knowledge, to operate autonomously after launch with a primitive homing radar that guided the bomb onto the target. It was used in combat starting in April 1945 so it was not just a prototype. The radar scope (“Bat Scope!”) will make use of DCS World radar technology and Magnitude 3 are working with Eagle Dynamics to help make this happen.

Magnitude-3 are also fine tuning the flight model matching the pilots manual and using fluid dynamics.

Essex update

Magnitude-3 are recreating the USS Intrepid, an Essex-class carrier, as a companion to the F4U. Special attention has been given to the deck and island with all of the carriers defensive equipment and radios and sensors to make sure that its a historically accurate recreation.

It will have a damage model, working elevators, and an internal hangar bay too when it launches.

F8 Crusader

Just a small update was provided this time around on the F8 Crusader. The only real news is that the team has been able to gain access to an F8 in San Diego and that a company was commissioned to take laser scans of the cockpit to ensure that the cockpit model they build has the exact dimensions and details as the real one.

Other updates

There were also mentions of minor bug fixes for the DCS: MiG-21 and DCS: Christen Eagle II. Among the fixes coming next are the eliminating of that very annoying screeching noise you may be hearing on the inside of the MiG-21’s cockpit.

For all of this and more, visit the Magnitude 3 website and check out their latest update.


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  1. butcher75 says:

    My mouth is watering for the F8!!!

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Well if they do it as well as the Corsair I’m sure it’ll be a stunning model when complete!


  2. CanadaOne says:

    Yeah, that’s a nice looking cockpit. Bring it on!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Urgent Siesta says:

    Let’s hope all the time it’s taken is worth the wait. If it turns out as good as the Mig-21, then I can easily see all my other warbirds being grounded.

    Liked by 1 person

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