Wing42 DevBlog updates on Boeing 247D progress

Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft maker Wing42 is working on a follow-up to their vintage Bleriot XI with another classic airplane. The Boeing 247D has been talked about for quite some time now and it’s looking more complete with every update but everyone wants to know what they are still working on and Wing42’s latest developer blog addresses just that. There’s some cool features in there!

New features, not perfect yet

Wing42 have chosen to push back to the launch of their second Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft because they want to add a few more features and attempt to perfect the module before it goes out. One of the features that’s delayed the aircraft’s release is the addition of a realistic rendition of the Bendix MR-1B remote control wireless set.

Meanwhile, other features are being tweaked and tuned as well. The dev update includes news that they have tuned the flight model, implemented Radium-luminescent night lighting (that fades over time and must be illuminated again to pick up their glow again), implemented a payload manager, ground crew interface, engine start-up options, settings, reference sheets and an integrated transponder (for online network fliers), dynamically filling luggage and mail bags, two ways to crank the engines (including doing it for yourself), custom ground equipment…. and more. The list is long!

The team is also busy working on the sounds for the aircraft as well.

Not perfect yet but clearly the team at Wing42 is aiming for that.

One to watch

A developer that goes above and beyond to this level is nearly always worth paying close attention to. The Boeing 247D doesn’t have the street knowledge that other historic aircraft might have but it’s history is fascinating, its lineage tracing to some undoubtedly more famous Boeing types, and the care and attention to detail that appears to be going into this module likely to make it a possible favourite.

Keep an eye on Wing42 and future developer updates right here!


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  1. Fafnir_6 says:

    Awww…It’s missing the famous forward-sloping windscreen


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