DTOS bombing coming to DCS: F-16C

Another feature is being checked off the list for the DCS: F-16C – DTOS bombing and together with it we have an update from Matt Wagner. Also, if you look at the scenery, you’ll see a work in progress version of the DCS: South Atlantic. Let’s go!

Bomb tossing

The newest systems update for the DCS: F-16C will be the DTOS method which allows for faster acquisition of targets (primarily through the HUD or helmet) followed up with a CCRP style attack on target with unguided or precision weapons – depending on the employment method and use of the targeting pod.

Check out the video for details!

Although not always, traditionally Matt Wagner will do one of these videos before an open beta introduces it so expect this to likely appear in the next update.


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  1. CanadaOne says:

    I am totally behind the curve on the F-16 after the last few updates, but that just means there are new things to do and enjoy all the time.

    Definitely absolute ready for that map.


  2. busdriver says:

    [remarks in reference to Wag’s DTOS teaser video]
    Back in the Jurassic Era, we always said “dive toss” never “dee toss.” I reckon it’s a generational thing. Dive toss was frequently used by a wingman during a low-level pop-up attack profile to allow near-simultaneous release with the Flight/Element leader. As per the video, we’d call up DTOS and slew the TD box toward the bottom of the HUD once past the IP while heading to the Action Point (4 NM from the target). How far to slew the TD box? Perhaps a third down from the Flight Path Marker while running in. The idea is to have the TD box near your target when you roll in and point your nose at the ground so you only need minor adjustments of your nose position (rather than trying to slew the TD box) as you’re coming downhill. “Designate” the target and hold the pickle button as you follow the lateral steering line as you pull up. To a ground observer, a DTOS delivery looked like a CCIP delivery, except you might be a little bit higher or a bit farther from the target when your bombs are released.

    Dive Toss is less accurate than CCIP and is essentially a CCRP delivery, but to Jurassic Era fighter pilots, CCRP was always a level delivery (associated with low altitude high drag munitions or medium/high altitude nuclear deliveries).

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    1. schurem says:

      Thank you sir, for the explanation. The vid initially had me baffled as to the purpose of the dive toss mode.


    2. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Thanks budriver for sharing your knowledge and experience in this area!


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