Out of the ashes springs a new DCS WWII server

Even before news came out that Storm of War, DCS World’s most popular WWII server community, was shutting down there was word that the folks over at 4YA were plotting to spin up a new DCS WWII server. As one door and era closes, a new one looks set to begin.

4YA WW2 spins up

This morning was, for me, admittedly a bit of a shock. I haven’t spent as much time on the Storm of War server as I would have liked but every time I was on there I appreciated the sense of community that was present and the clear indication that this was a server that was well cared for. Although the chapter is closing on that book a new chapter is about to be written.

To describe the latest situation I turn to Nosferatu-87 from the r/Hoggit community who is spreading the word that this new server is already online.

I’ve heard from some regulars from the Storm of War community that they were on in good numbers tonight. There were performance issues apparently but those will be resolved as the new server team dial in the settings for the high player count.

I wanted to spread the word and let folks know that DCS WWII multiplayer opportunities are still out there. In addition to this new server, I’ve also heard good things about Growling Sidewinder’s DCS WWII community. Some day I will find time to check all of these out myself!


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  1. SOW was brilliant, Dietrich was brilliant, Phil was the man. His YouTube video`s were very enjoyable and helpful. Superb experience was the SOW. Thank you.


  2. great article , 4ya ww2 is now going strong and continuing to grow. Thanks for tis coverage . S!

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Great to hear!


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