TorqueSim lays out exciting roadmap for X-Plane 12

A new development blog update from TorqueSim puts a lot of cards on the table for how the sim aircraft development company is going to handle the transition to X-Plane 12 and what aircraft they are going to be working on for the new sim. Let’s have a look at everything in store!

Free updates

TorqueSim have already been keen to mention on their store pages that their aircraft would be making the transition to X-Plane 12. Those updates, for the BN-2B, BN-2T, and SR20 and SR22 (both Entegra and G1000) range of aircraft.

A 1.3 update for the SR20 and SR22 is coming soon which will update the aircraft and lay some of the groundwork for an X-Plane 12 update. Later, following X-Plane 12’s release, Torquesim intends to bring the SR20 and SR22 up to spec for that sim.

The TorqueSim BN-2 series (both B and T) are going to be updated for free as well. It has not been determined if they will be doing a similar update prior to X-Plane 12’s launch or if they will offer the update after but nonetheless both of these aircraft are going to make the transition.

The Pocket Rocket joins the other aircraft in seeing an update as well. Avionics are being updated and a Allison 250 B17 engine equipped version will be included too. A nice bonus!

A retirement and a replacement

What is not making the transition to the new sim is the AFM Mooney aircraft series. These were produced by Torquesim’s predecessor and these aircraft are now quite old. The AFM M20 will continue to work for X-Plane 11 so its not going anywhere either. There is news, however, as Torquesim have announced a brand new Mooney M20 development with news that they are building M20R Ovation II and M20R Ovation III. The former will have a steam gauge cockpit with support for RealSimGear G5, RealSimGear G500, RealityXP GNSs and RealityXP GTNs (as well as the default GNS). The later will use a customized X1000 (for that G1000 experience).

A single work in progress image has been released showing off the new aircraft.

New jet on the block

Finally, TorqueSim are working on a business jet for X-Plane 12. The CitationJet 525 is their newest high fidelity project. They claim that it will be the most fun and most high fidelity light jet in X-Plane or any sim. Lofty goals indeed!

This project is aimed squarely at X-Plane 12’s features and will not be released for 11.

All in all, TorqueSim have provided a very good update on their plans for the new sim and what they are doing to support it. With the vast majority of their recent releases moving over, for free, while they develop a pair of new projects seems like an exciting time for the developer and fans of their aircraft.

I’ll be keeping an eye on these for sure! Read the full update here!


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    and ANOTHER biz jet! 🙂

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      We went from being a bit light in the biz jet category to having several in the pipeline. Very promising!


  2. Chris says:

    Thanks! This is gresat news. I own SR20/22 G1000 and pocket rocket.

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