4YA DCS WWII server looks to stress test with 100 players this weekend

The continued reverberations of the shut down of the Storm of War server has lead to DCS server group 4YA to ramp up their already in progress DCS WWII efforts. They are now advertising a server event this weekend to both drum up support for the new server while also stress testing their 100-player configuration.

100-player DCS WWII?

It’s rarer to see any server running with 100-players (Team Fusion’s server events for IL-2 Cliffs of Dover excepted) but it looks like 4YA is aiming to do just that with their new WWII server. The goal is no doubt two-fold as they encourage players looking for DCS WWII experiences to jump onboard their new server while also working on their configuration.

The event is planned for Saturday, February 5th with a start time of 19:00 GMT and ending at 23:00 GMT.

The event has even received recognition from Eagle Dynamics who look to be setting out to promote other server events in the future as well.


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  1. Stewmanji says:

    I’d love to see Eagle Dynamics do more community outreach like this!

    They do a decent job sharing videos every now and then, but I think more “positive” interactions from their public-facing CMs would go a long way. Highlight a community member who made a good tutorial, spotlight a squadron looking for new pilots, pick a new MP server to bring awareness to each weekend.

    I hope this weekend’s WWII action is a big success!

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    1. NineLine says:

      Yeah we have to grow and learn from any event that happens in the community and would be happy to share more events and such on our social media, these server owners work their butts off to make these things happen, it’s the least we can do.

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      1. Stewmanji says:

        Just wanted to swing back around and commend you, Nineline, and the rest of the ED community team for the your Monday announcement concerning advertisement/support of DCS related events.

        I think it’s a fantastic initiative and I hope the community embraces the support you’re offering!

        Well done!

        For those who aren’t aware, I encourage you to join the DCS World by Eagle Dynamics discord and check out the “#dcs-discord-news” channel for more information.


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