FSA webinar: Can Flight Sim Impact Real-World Aviation?

An upcoming Flight Sim Association webinar asks the question: Can Flight Sim Impact Real-World Aviation? Of course the thought that if a sim pilot were expected to handle an airplane in the event of an emergency comes up but the bigger questions are of course how pilot training and the pilot training industry might be able to adapt to consumer products that are now pushing far closer to the levels of detail than ever before. Here are the details!

Group discussion

This cross community discussion, hosted by the Flight Sim Association, brings together panelists Robert S. Randazzo (PMDG), Fabio Miguez (TheFlyingFabio), Keith Smith (PilotEdge), and Laura Laban (Infinite Flight). The 90-minute session should be an interesting one as they aim to tackle the questions of just what modern flight simulation can do to help the pilot training process.

Many experienced flight simmers think that if it really came down to it— like if both pilots “had the fish”— a flight simmer could land a jetliner if they really had to. And they are probably right. The fidelity of modern home flight simulation equipment is, in some cases, higher than the software used in real-world, full-motion flight simulator training received by airline pilots. So why doesn’t “real-world” aviation embrace this technology further?

Learn more about and sign-up for this webinar on the Flight Sim Association website.


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