More X-Plane 12 videos for SR22, F-14, and A330

Laminar Research through Michael Brown’s YouTube channel has released two more long form videos featuring Austin Meyer with a look at the Airbus A330 and the F-14 Tomcat. These, together with the video I posted about yesterday give us better looks at what X-Plane 12 is capable of. We also have a terrific new trailer for one of X-Plane 12’s default aircraft – the SR22. Let’s have a look!

Official trailer for the SR22

Cirrus’ SR22 is a popular and stylish GA aircraft and it is one of the new aircraft that Laminar Research are making a part of their default aircraft line-up. Following the A330 trailer released some weeks ago, the new SR22 trailer is a cinematic piece that gives us a good look at the sights and sounds of this new default airplane.

Light the fires with the F-14

Next up, a new video showing off the F-14 Tomcat that Laminar is adding to the default aircraft set. The video includes ample exterior views, sounds, a bit of a look at the cockpit, We also have learned that the carrier on display here is an X-Plane 11 model and that there will be a new one for X-Plane 12.

There is a fair bit of work in progress here and Austin is not a dedicated F-14 driver like some of my readers so no doubt there will be things that appear off. I’m looking forward to flying this F-14 and comparing it to the incredible Heatblur F-14 in DCS.

Snow and ice with the A330

There’s already been an official trailer for the X-Plane A330 but now we’re getting a bit of a longer look at the Airbus A330 with Austin Meyer. The aircraft’s systems appear to be fairly well implemented and Austin spends a fair bit of time talking about the landing gear physics.

There’s some very interesting news too about snow and ice effects on the runway as well as word that these effects will be affected by weather conditions. If its rained and then goes below freezing, the rain will freeze and vice versa. Check it out in this video.

All of these videos help give us a sense of where X-Plane 12’s development is current at. There are disclaimers infront of the longer videos that remind us that the product is still in alpha and in development. There are visual issues in plenty of places but that is the nature of an alpha. As the product matures it will be an interesting to see how some of this comes together.


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