Cross Community Panel Discussion postponed

The Flight Sim Association Cross Community Panel Discussion planned for today has been postponed. In a statement released by the Flight Sim Association, both the association and some of the presenters feel that, in light of the current world situation with the war in Ukraine, that its not possible to go ahead with the discussion today. Some presenters are directly affected as well.

The statement

Originally scheduled for today, February 26th, the cross community panel that the FSA had brought together has been postponed. Here’s what the statement said about the postponement:

As a result of ongoing events in Ukraine and respecting the wishes of participants, the Cross-Community Panel Discussion originally scheduled for February 26 has been postponed.

Flight simulation is a worldwide hobby and passion. Unfortunately, the situation has had a direct impact on the lives of several of our planned participants and their teams. We cannot move forward with a panel discussion designed to celebrate our community in the shadow of current events.

Our thoughts are with those impacted by the crisis. We will work to reschedule the panel discussion for a future date, and will email this group again when the new date is available.

Flight Sim Association

The war in the Ukraine has far reaching effects to people and places and our hobby is not unaffected as you may have already read in my other coverage on this day. When the FSA announces a new date, I will be sure to update.


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  1. Kz says:

    The ‘crisis’ is an euphemism. In Ukraine we are dealing with a brutal attack by the murderer Putin on independed country and civil people


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Hi Kz. It is one to be sure. I hope you’ll note that I wrote my piece with different language but even I am prone to under-exaggeration in the face of horrible events.

      My heart goes out to you and the people there. As someone with mixed eastern and western European background (I’m part Polish), this hurts a lot and it reminds me of another time where my grandfather was driven from his home country. Words cannot fully express.


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