New IL-2 hotfix resolves some key issues

IL-2’s 4.703 update was a big one introducing some new content and significant new features like the new sky system that has helped to dramatically change the look of the sim in certain lighting situations. But it wasn’t perfect and there have been a couple of hotfixes that have come out with the latest addressing a couple of key issues. Let’s have a look!

VR, posterization, Ju88C-6 view limits

Let’s start with VR where star size and some lighting quirks were really causing some issues. Those have been fixed and adjusted in this latest hotfix. Image posterization, where you see colourbanding in extreme lighting situations, in graphics presents under Ultra, have also been fixed. And then finally, as a highlight, the somewhat limited head position of the Ju88C-6 pilot has also reportedly been fixed.

Here’s the list of what’s changed in the 4.703c patch:

  • Excessive image posterization when the player is wounded at graphics presets lower than Ultra has been fixed;
  • Vignette effect color posterization at graphics presets lower than Ultra and enabled Cinematographic Camera option has been reduced;
  • Visible star size has been reduced, especially in VR;
  • ‘Black hole’ artifacts removed from the night sky;
  • Light blinding from the sun has been reduced;
  • Ju 88 C-6 gaps were fixed;
  • Ju 88 C-6 first person view limits increased (the default snapview file has been updated so you might need to delete the current Ju 88 C-6 one and copy the default one from data\luascripts\snapviews\default);
  • Ju 88 C-6 crew oxygen masks shouldn’t appear and disappear again when flying at a high altitude;
  • Havoc and Hawks campaigns were updated to correspond to the new (more accurate) dawn and sunset times.

Read the official announcement here.


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