Watch the X-Plane 12 and Orbx live interview this Saturday

The Flight Simulation Association is working with live streamers from across the community to offer up video streams and the ability to ask questions directly to the developers at the forthcoming X-Plane 12 and Orbx live interview happening this Saturday, July 12 at 2100 GMT. Here’s how!

Sign-up and watch live

The Flight Simulation Association will be hosting X-Plane 12 creator Austin Meyer and Orbx CEO Anna Cicognani for a special livestream on July 16 at 2100 GMT. The session will feature “never before seen screenshots and videos” from X-Plane 12. There will be development announcements as well as live audience Q&A.

You’ll be able to watch live on FSElite, Orbx, X-Plane, with FSA, and with content creators including Blu Games and The Flying Moose.

The discussion will cover a variety of topics including:

  • What can developers expect from X-Plane 12?
  • What does Orbx have planned for X-Plane 12, at launch and in the future?
  • What advice do you have for flight simmers who want to create content for X-Plane?

According to the press release, wherever you plan to watch, creating a free FSA account allows you to submit questions during the live seminar on Saturday. Create a free account and great ready to watch live over at the Flight Simulation Association website.


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