Aerobask announce ViperJet for X-Plane 12

Hot on the heels of the X-Plane 12 launch window we also have news from X-Plane aircraft maker Aerobask who have just announced their first new exclusively X-Plane 12 module. Let’s check out the ViperJet!

ViperJet for X-Plane 12

Created by Viper Aircraft, the ViperJet is a low wing, monoplane, composite material kit aircraft. The kit, which requires assembly by the owner, was listed at $182,000 USD to start with overall costs around $300,000 USD for the full construction.

With an 450 knot top speed and 35,000 foot ceiling, you’d be forgiven for mistaking this for other classic light jet designs like the BAe Hawk which makes this kit airplane all the more fascinating. I don’t have $300,000 USD kicking around under my bed so flying the virtual version might be a cheaper alternative and Aerobask is opening the door to that with this X-Plane 12 announcement.

Posted to the forums about an hour ago (at time of writing), harranssor from the Aerobask team had the following to say:

Just a few words to announce the upcoming release of our new ViperJet, exclusively for X-Plane 12. Flight model, avionics, performances, sounds, 3D model… everything has been redesigned for XP12. Some XP12 screenshots, waiting for the features.


The announcement also came with six screenshots.

Aerobask previously released the ViperJet LXR for X-Plane 10. It seems unlikely that they will offer an upgrade path as this is likely an all new development and it was also not mentioned in their X-Plane 12 upgrade plans.

Check out the announcement thread here.


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  1. Urgent Siesta says:

    Had no idea it was an IRL jet…now I’m interested!

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