Battle of Normandy now on Steam plus big updates ahead

More news coming from the 1C Game Studios team with the announcement that IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Normandy is now available for purchase on the Steam Store joining the rest of the series in offering sales on that platform. We also have news about what comes next.

Steam store release

Battle of Normandy is now available on Steam. It’s the latest title to be added there and it comes on the heels of the official release just a few weeks ago. The early access discount is currently available on Steam for a limited time (ending October 6) so if Steam is your preferred way to buy and you’re itching to get Normandy, now might be a good time. Check it out here.

Soto Cinematics is responsible for the latest trailer to mark the occasion. Congratulations on the trailer release!

Coming up next

We also have a list of items that are coming up in the next update which Sneaksie describes as “HUGE.” First, there’s the Churchill IV collector vehicle which is on the way for those who have pre-ordered or buy it after launch.

The dynamic visual damage system is coming to all aircraft in the next update. So too are tactical codes which are coming to all aircraft. Additional paint schemes are also mentioned which I assume to mean that we’ll see a few more generic schemes to account for different eras of paint scheme (i.e. pre-D-Day, D-Day, post-D-Day, etc.). Liberty and 1013 cargo ships are also on the way to add to the collection of available ships.

We’ve also learned that there are enhanced AI routines for both air and ground attack which should be interesting to see in action.

Read all about it right here!


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