PWCG for Battle of Normandy alpha out

I know quite a few people are excited about Pat Wilson’s Campaign Generator receiving Battle of Normandy support and the day is here. An early alpha version of the campaign generator is now available.

Ready for testing

Released early today, Pat Wilson made a post on the IL-2 forum letting fans of the third party campaign generator that Alpha 1 was available. The latest update of PWCG adds support for Battle of Normandy. The PWCG campaign system will support over a dozen scenarios for the map with a range of battles starting with the Battle of Britain and going to the end of the Normandy campaign. Naturally there are some aircraft substitutions to account for this range but there’s quite a bit of fun that can be had as a result.

The thread on the forum with the download link is available here. Pat encourages people to share bugs on the same thread.


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  1. steelcitygator says:

    Guess I really gotta get cracking to finish my whole war RoF PWCG campaign.

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