The latest updates from Blue Bird Simulations on the MSFS 757

Aircraft developer Blue Bird Simulations has been working on a Boeing 757 for Microsoft Flight Simulator together with Just Flight for quite a while now and their Facebook page is home to several recent updates that everyone might want to have a look at. Here’s the latest on this project!

Inside and out

The latest updates are all detail focused both on the inside of the airplane and on the outside. A lot of images of the Rolls-Royce RB211-535 engine fitted to many 757-200 and -300 models. The P&W engine option is also planned but not visually as far along.

We also have updated images of the state of the cockpit with cockpit lighting as well as texture details clearly on display. Everything is clearly a work in progress but it does show the process nicely!

Another release from Blue Bird this month is a gear compression and engine overview video that was released earlier in the month. Again, this is very much in the work in progress stage but it does show the developers verifying their work on things like gear compression under different fuel loads.

It’s not all just visual as a video released late in October also shows ample systems work at place including the autoland system landing the airplane in low visibility.

Keep an eye on this developer via their Facebook page and look for more updates as this project comes together.


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